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  R.S. Tool Inc. has been designing and producing quality custom manufactured presses, dies, jigs, fixtures and special tooling, specifically, for the aluminum and vinyl extruded products industries and manufacturers since 1980. Many custom manufacturers, plastics extrusion companies, window manufacturers, aluminum extrusion and fabrication manufacturers have come to rely on RS Tool Inc. for their processing needs. R.S. Tool Inc. has produced dies for use in flywheel and mechanical press operations to hydraulic press operations to pneumatic press requirements, as required by the individual customer. We specialize in the processing of vinyl and aluminum extrusions from punching to piercing, blanking, coining, lancing, shearing, and parting operations on extruded profiles of all kinds, as required per print.

  Whether high, medium or low volume production, R.S. Tool Inc.can design and produce a custom tool die machine to meet your specific production needs.


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